Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wednesday, July 6

This morning we started our trip with a sighting we have only seen a few times this season; an Ocean sunfish!
Ocean sunfish
These large bony fish are so interesting looking and with such great sea conditions our passengers could really grasp the uniqueness of this fish. During the rest of the trip we saw 9 Minke whales getting some closer looks at some of these whales than others.
Morning Minke whale
We also spent time with a Fin whale this morning. We have not seen this whale yet this season so it was a great surprise to see this newcomer visiting the area. After a quick look through our Fin Whale Catalog, care of Blue Ocean Society, we were able to determine this whale is #0021, a whale first seen by Blue Ocean researchers in 2000!
Fin whale #0021's dorsal fin
We ended our trip with another type of whale; a Humpback whale. Familiar whale #0050 continues to spend time in our region.
Humpback whale #0050
This afternoon we started with not just one Humpback whale, but two! We once again found #0050 but also had another new visitor to the area. Quill the Humpback whale has returned. We were lucky enough to see this specific whale many times last season but this is the first sighting of this whale this year!
Quill the Humpback whale (above and below)
In addition, we also attempted to get looks at the 5 Minke whales we saw during our travels.  Eventually our patience paid off. We finally got a look at one of these whales before checking out yet another type of whale not to far away. Our final whale of the day was a Fin whale. This whale initially was on the move but slowed down allowing for some great looks wrapping up another successful day of watching wildlife!
Fin whale

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