Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday, July 24

Today we got a chance to see plenty of Minke whales and 4 Humpback whales on both of our trips. We even got a great, but quick, look at a speedy Fin whale that passed by this morning.
Large, beautiful Fin whale
Our four Humpback whales for the day included Owl, Pinball and her calf and #0050. We haven't seen #0050 for a handful of days so it was a pleasant surprise to come across this specific whale again. Pinball's calf was rolling all around at the surface this morning, showcasing its white flippers and even tail-breached and head-breached for us!
Pinball's calf's flipper in the air!
Pinball (background) and her calf
Owl was busy doing circles as all of our adult whales were creating remnants of bubble clouds.
Beautiful scenery this morning
This afternoon we got a chance to spend time with the same Humpback whales as well as 5 Minke whales that appeared throughout our travels.
Our first whale of the afternoon was a Minke whale that surfaced right next to the boat!

Minke whale dorsal fin
Humpback whale #0050
Pinball creating quite the disturbance at the surface this afternoon
Unfortunately this afternoon we also had to deal with some small recreational vessels that wanted to check out the whales. While we fully know there are plenty of vessels utilizing the offshore waters for a multitude of reasons, you also need to take responsibility, as a mariner, to respect all kinds of life. There were some very frustrating moments with these small crafts not showing the courtesy and respect wildlife (whether on land or by in the sea) deserves. Remember, we humans are visitors to the whales watery world not the other way around. We thank all of our passengers for bearing with us during these frustrating moments today and hope that all who join us on any one of our whale watches remember the beauty, awe, and responsibility we have to keep these whales safe for generations to come.
Pinball and her calf

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