Sunday, July 25, 2021

July 23-25, 2021

The good weather and wildlife continued on Friday. In the morning, we spent time with six humpback whales and a large pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins. You couldn't ask for better ocean conditions to enjoy so much life in the open ocean.

Remnant of a bubble cloud

As mentioned by many on board, the dolphins stole the show.

Atlantic white-sided dolphin (above and below)

On Friday afternoon we scooted around a few showers and checked out 11 humpback whales and a pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins!

Afternoon dolphins

A handful of minke whales were also seen during our time offshore. This time the baleen whales were stars of the afternoon with flipper slapping by a few whales and even a breach!

Whales for the day included Sedge, Clamp, Satula, Badge, Owl, Jawa, Spoon, Chromosome, Frost, Quote, Tripod, Valley, Tornado and Sword.

Saturday morning we found a whale shortly after passing by the Isles of Shoals. Gondolier the humpback whale was moseying through the area. Further offshore we found five additional humpback whales including THREE Blue Ocean Society adoptable whales- Pinball, Satula and Owl! We also spent time with Jawa and Clamp.

Owl and her bubble cloud in the foreground

Saturday afternoon the beautiful ocean conditions continued. We checked out 11 humpback whales as more were always spouting in the distance. Clamp, Satula, Quill, Jawa, Owl and Sedge were some of the individuals we enjoyed during the afternoon.

We also had a surprise sighting of a mother-calf humpback whale pair in the area. Welcome Bayou and her 2021 calf!

Bayou and her calf
These two were initially mellow but that quickly changed. The calf came alive as we witnessed this whale breach numerous time in all sorts of ways. What a great way to wrap up a stunning day on the water.
Bayou's calf

As always Mother Nature has the upper hand so we are staying tied to the dock today, Sunday, thanks to the high winds wafting through the area. No worries, we will be back out soon enough.

Friday, July 23, 2021

July 22, 2021


Today was pretty awesome! On our morning trip we left the harbor to find a washing-machine like ocean. The water did calm down somewhat when we found whales, and boy, did we find whales! We were able to spend time with 12 humpbacks. Our first whale was Owl, who we have been seeing a lot of lately.

We continued on and found ourselves surrounded by very active whales. There were even a few breaches, but sadly we were unable to capture them on film. The whales around us included Sedge, Clamp, Sword, Jawa, and Quote. We spent a little time with these whales before searching in a different area. An ocean sunfish joined us in between the whales’ dives

We then found Spoon and Chromosome. Spoon gave us some great looks at her massive pectoral flippers as she slapped them on the surface of the water. She even did this right off of our starboard side, letting us hear how truly loud this can be!

We still had some time left and decided to search a little more. We soon found ourselves with more whales! Satula was off in the distance, and we got some great looks at Tornado and Frost. One of these last two whales breached and flipper slapped. It was a very active morning!

In the afternoon we headed back to the same area and found much calmer seas. We spotted a harbor seal on the way out. We then found Sedge and Owl before coming across a small pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins.

We then headed to a different area, where we again found Clamp, Satula, and Jawa. A cute little gray seal also popped up to say hello. There were also a couple of minke whales in the area. 

We ended our trip with two more humpbacks bringing the grand total to seven for the afternoon trip. Neither of these whales gave us a good look at their flukes, so we’re still trying to identify them. All-in-all it was a beautiful day on the water with perfect weather and lots of whales!

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

July 21, 2021

Perfect day on the ocean!

This morning we headed out to where whales have been seen for the past week or so. Sometimes whales will set up shop in the same area for a bit while the feeding is good, and then unbeknownst to us, they will suddenly pick up and go. Fortunately, they were still there today! Multiple humpback whales were sighted in and around the small fleet of tuna boats.  One of the tuna boats, “No Limits” was in the area and just a few days ago made the news as Captain Michelle reeled in a 90-inch bluefin tuna by herself! Check out the story here. Girl Power!  As for the whales, we identified several humpbacks including Owl, Badge, Clamp, Satula, Spoon, Chromosome and Sword.

The afternoon trip started with a bang that just couldn’t be beaten. We saw a pair of humpback whales dive quickly on our way into the area where whales have been seen. Our captain said, “Get your camera ready. They are gonna breach”. I pulled out my camera, took off the lens cap, turned it on, and while I meandered over toward the open window to get ready for the predicted magical breach (that never actually happens), lo and behold; the pair jumped from the water in unison! A double breach! It was magical! 

Captain Jonathan has a lot of years of watching whale behavior and predicted this amazing event! I was happily surprised and even happier when I learned that our mate Molly got a photo of it! The pair turned out to be Spoon and Chromosome. Spoon is notorious for being a sleepy, lazy whale, which added even more shock to the rare event. Right after the effort-filled breaches, the pair took a nap while we floated silently (engines off) nearby, watching the sleeping beauties. Other whales seen during the trip included Satula, Clamp, Jawa, Sword, and Frost! Jawa, who was seen checking out our boat a couple of weeks ago, surfaced close to us a couple of times. A minke whale was also spotted in the distance. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

July 19-20, 2021

On Monday's trips there were plenty of whales to look at. Each trip provided whales nearby as well as out in the distance. Seven humpback whales were sighted on both trips. In the morning, we had a 'surprise' visitor; a fin whale! It's been weeks since the last time a fin whale has been sighted, which is odd when you think about the fact that fin whales eat similar food that humpback whales eat! A welcome whale for sure.

Fin whale

Three minke whales were also sighted among humpback whales Wigwam, Sedge, Clamp, Badge, Owl, Quill and Satula.

Sedge at the surface
Yikes, too close for my eyes!

During the afternoon trip on Monday, in addition to the numerous humpback whales, a small pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins were seen, an ocean sunfish and our first turtle sighting of a season- a loggerhead! Unfortunately, the turtle was shy and slipped under the surface quickly but what a fun find to come across.

Ocean sunfish

Afternoon humpback whales included Clamp's 2016 calf, Satula, Quill, Quote and Clamp.

Whale diving


The ocean was flat calm all day on Tuesday- perfect for sighting whales! Once again, both trips provided ample sightings near and far. In the morning, seven humpback whales were sighted and a few minke whales.

Morning Minke whale

On the afternoon trip, eight humpback whales were sighted. Sometimes the whales would circle around near the boat. During other instances, the whales would scatter making it interesting to decide which direction to go next. Nonetheless, gorgeous scenery to be surrounded by. Morning whales included Sedge, Wigwam, Badge, Quill, Jawa and Owl. Afternoon whales included Wigwam, Owl, Clamp, Quote, Jawa, Satula and Badge.

Great shearwater meandering past us