Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday, July 17

So many massive whales today. And when I say massive, I really mean it! We saw many of the second largest whales on Earth inshore of Jeffreys Ledge today. This morning we found 10 Fin whales including a group of 3 on the move together (Crow, #0354 and Pemetic)!
Two of the three Fin whales seen together this morning
Seeing one of these 60+ ton whales moving through the water is impressive. Putting multiple of these whale together and synchronizing their movements in such an elegant fashion is truly mesmerizing. What a day.
Distant look at two Fin whale spouts this morning

Crow the Fin whale
White lower jaw of a Fin whale
This afternoon was equally as enjoyable as the waves slacked off a bit and we checked out 4 Fin whales including a pair moving around together.
Afternoon Fin whale
Among all the Fin whales we even saw a couple of Minke whales moving through the area on both of our trips. Of the whales we have positively identified we saw Crow, #0354 and #0402 on both the morning and afternoon trips!
Fin whale #0354
Fin whale #0402
 Great looks. Great whales. Great day.
Afternoon pair of Fin whales

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