Sunday, July 3, 2016

Sunday, July 3

The weather has continued to be extremely cooperative this holiday weekend creating a pleasant backdrop for searching for wildlife again today. This morning we spotted 9 Minke whales, 5 Fin whales and a Humpback whale. Our Minke whales were appearing all throughout the day, popping up here and there, including each time we were watching something else nearby.
One of the many Minke whales seen today. This one has such a uniquely-shaped dorsal fin we know this whale is a whale we have seen in past seasons, and now again this year!
In addition to all the Minke whales around, we had at one point 3 Fin whales in a generalized area even though they were all on the move separately.
Morning Fin whale
One of this morning's Fin whales was #9709, a regular sighting recently. Stay as long as you would like large Fin whale. We always enjoy seeing such massive mammals in our small part of the Gulf of Maine!
Fin whale #9709
On top of the multiple Fin whales and Minke whales this morning we were also fortunate enough to come across a Humpback whale. One look at the underside tail pattern of this whale and we knew it was a familiar fluke. Humpback whale #0050 is back. We last saw this whale June 8, almost a full month ago. Who knows where this whale has traveled to but it was certainly a nice surprise to see it here again!
Humpback whale #0050
This afternoon we were once again treated to multiple whales: Humpback whale #0050, a Fin whale and 4 Minke whales.
Humpback whale tail
Our afternoon Fin whale has been identified as #0282, a whale first sighted in the Jeffreys Ledge area in 2002!
Afternoon Fin whale
Fin whale #0282 uniquely-shaped dorsal fin and scar on its tailstock
While in route back to Rye Harbor this evening we had one more sighting left for our passengers; a Basking shark. So many great looks at so many of our marine creatures today!
Basking shark fin

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