Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wednesday, July 20

We had plenty of wildlife surrounding us today. This morning we saw 9 Minke whales, 5 Fin whales and Pinball and her calf. This afternoon we saw 5 Minke whales, 5 Fin whales and Pinball and her calf again. This morning, our first stop was on a pair of Fin whales. It was Crow and 'friend' as I have yet to make a positive match on the second Fin whale's dorsal fin.
Crow's uniquely shaped dorsal fin
Regardless, it was great to watch two of the second fastest baleen whales in the world move through the water together.
Sleek Fin whale at the surface
Minke whales appeared throughout our travels and we eventually made our way over to more exhalations we were seeing on the horizon. It was Pinball and her calf. Pinball was creating some bubble clouds while her calf spent most of its time at the surface. We watched these two whales nap, nurse and circle around the area.
Pinball and her calf
Before we headed for home we did a bit more exploring, finding another Fin whale and a few more Minke whales to wrap up the morning.
Fin whale with White Island in the background
This afternoon we started whale watching with 3 Minke whales in one area. Before long we spotted a spout and off we went to investigate.
One of our afternoon Minke whales
We spent time with a large Fin whale before doing some more exploring. Eventually we made our way towards another type of whale, a pair of Humpback whales. In the process we passed by a couple of Fin whales off our port side. A few of those whales eventually ended up passing us as we spent time with Pinball and her calf. The calf became a bit active this afternoon flipper slapping and even breaching a few times.
Calf's flipper above the waterline
We were lucky to see a few breaches from the calf this afternoon!
Pinball and her calf
Another successful day of enjoying wildlife in the Gulf of Maine!

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