Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday, July 26

This morning we saw 6 Minke whales, Owl the Humpback whale and 3 Fin whales. We first made our way to an area where there were multiple Minkes, a Fin whale and Owl was not too far away. The Fin whale was spending A LOT of time holding its breath so after a quick look at it we eased our way over to Owl. Owl was creating a few bubble clouds before she began to do some traveling.
Owl the Humpback whale
Remnants of a bubble cloud at the surface
Soon we were checking out some of the Minke whales around before moving over to two other Fin whales out in the distance.
Morning Minke whale
Fin whale
As the morning continued on the winds slacked off and soon we were surrounded by such calm sea conditions. This afternoon we could not have asked for calmer seas. Most of the time there was barely a breath of wind. Beautiful. We ended up finding 10 Minke whales and 10 Harbor seals during our afternoon adventures.
First of the many Minke whales we spent time with this afternoon
Another Minke whale
One of the many Harbor seals seen during our travels
We were also on the search to see if any of the whales we had sighted in the morning were around as they had moved from their morning locations. Unfortunately, we had no luck in that department. A testament to the wildness of wild whales. Only they know how long they are going to remain in an area before they decide it is time to move on. We are so lucky to come across any of these wild animals on a daily basis and when it is surrounded by such phenomenal conditions it cannot be beat.
Such calm seas and so many Minke whales this afternoon!

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