Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thursday, July 14

We only had a morning trip today as the winds began to pick up and churn up an already wavy ocean. No worries for the whales however. Regardless of the ocean conditions whales still need to surface for breaths of air. And there was no shortage of whales around today. We started the trip with 2 Fin whales swimming with each other. A quick look at one of these whales lead us to realize it was Dingle spending time with another massive Fin whale.
Dingle the Fin whale
Fin whale soaring through the water
Second Fin whale in the pair
We were able to get some great looks at two of the second largest whales on Earth before moving on to other whale spouts we were seeing. There were two Humpback whales nearby.
Whale tail
And guess who they were? Our 'resident' whales recently. Humpback whales #0050 and Quill are still moseying around.
#0050 diving in towards us
While watching these whales we also had a few Minke whales pop up during our time offshore today.

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