Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursday, July 28

This morning we started whale watching only minutes after leaving Rye Harbor. There were multiple pods of Harbor porpoise so close to home!
Harbor porpoise with Rye in the background!
Harbor porpoise
We checked out these small toothed-whales before venturing offshore. We then got a chance to spend time with 2 Minke whales and a large Fin whale.
First Minke whale of the day
Second Minke whale seen this morning
These whales were all doing some traveling but we were able to get some fantastic looks as they continued to move through the area.
Fin whale
Large body of a Fin whale
This afternoon we decided to search some different areas from where we had been during our morning travels to see if other whales were around and perhaps not doing as much traveling. We ended up seeing 5 Minke whales, most of them on the outskirts of the area, while we attempted to get looks at 2 Fin whales and Owl the Humpback whale. We also had a few Harbor seals pop up around us during the trip.
Harbor seal this afternoon
The Fin whales were being extremely sneaky which is really impressive when you think about a 60+ ft 60+ ton whale being 'sneaky.' However, these whales were just barely breaking the surface most of the time when they would surface for a breath of air. Luckily, thanks to so many of our passengers helping keeping an eye out in all directions around the boat (which we always appreciate!), we were able to get some decent looks.
Fin whale
We also spent time with Owl who was moving like crazy in one direction before cruising over to a different area with some quick movements. With a little patience however, we were able to get some very nice looks at our whales today!
Owl the Humpback whale

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