Monday, July 11, 2016

Monday, July 11

After another stretch of windy, rainy, miserable weather we were finally back on the water searching for marine life today. What a nice change of pace when we were surrounded by such beautiful ocean conditions.
Stunning backdrop to look for whales and enjoy Mother Nature this morning
Soon after leaving the harbor this morning we passed by a handful of Harbor porpoise before heading offshore. In total, we saw 4 Minke whales, a Fin whale traveling through the area and 3 Humpback whales. Our Humpback whales were familiar tails including Hornbill, #0050 and Quill.
These whales were all busy moving back and forth among boats fishing for bluefin tuna today. The whales were so busy circling around that they continued to remain in the same location during our afternoon trip! While being sure to slowly maneuver around the boats and the whales we enjoyed some wonderful looks at these familiar visitors.
Whale tail

Humpback whale #0050
Humpback whale spout
This afternoon we also checked out a Minke whale and certainly enjoyed being back on the water with some beautiful weather.
Afternoon Minke whale

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