Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Wednesday, July 5, 2017
This morning the large whales were very elusive, but we were fortunate to find a dozen minke whales to look at including the most AMAZING minke whale I think I've ever seen!  This whale swam circles around and under our boat for almost a half an hour.  The weather conditions made it possible for us to see the entire whale under the water.  We also saw 2 gray seals, 2 pods of harbor porpoise, and loads of lion's mane jellyfish. 
Our afternoon trip was entirely different.  We got some good looks three fin whales and 2 minke whales.  On our journey back to the harbor we had a Brown Pelican fly across our stern!  This is a tropical bird, not usually one that is seen in NH waters! 
What a AWESOME day to spend in the Gulf of Maine!!

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