Friday, July 28, 2017

Friday, July 28

This morning we started our adventure with a pod of about 150 Atlantic white sided dolphins! These little "toothed whales" were awesome, swimming right alongside the boat and even leaping out of the water! 

Next we found a big ocean sunfish, the largest bony fish in the world (cartilaginous fish, like sharks, can be larger)! These fish can weigh over 1000 lbs but we mostly see the juveniles in our area. This fish was about 5 feet in diameter!

We passed by a minke whale and another ocean sunfish before finding a second pod of Atlantic white sided dolphins. This pod was larger and more spread out- about 300 in the group! A blue shark was spotted briefly before disappearing into the depths.On our way home, we saw 2 more minke whales, one of which we got a decent look at.

This afternoon, we cruised between the Isles of Shoals on our way off shore.

Our first 2 whales (a minke and a fin) were elusive. Then we saw a humpback whale!! This one was named Scylla (as evidenced by the unique marking on her flukes). 

We saw a blue shark just below the surface briefly and then passed by another minke whale. We ended this trip with a pod of about 300 Atlantic white sided dolphins and another elusive fin whale.  Gorgeous day!

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