Sunday, July 16, 2017

Sunday, July 16

Today we had surprises on each trip! This morning we saw 8 minke whales, 9 harbor seals and a fin whale during our travels.
Such calm conditions for gazing at minke whales
Fin whale surfacing for a breath of air
The unexpected excitement came when we spotted the largest lion's mane jellyfish the crew has ever seen!
This reddish blob is our massive lion's mane jellyfish. The photos don't do it justice! This creature was rolling all over itself. It certainly made for an eerie and cool sight!
The bell, or hood, of this jellyfish was literally the size of a beach ball!
Occasionally we will see jellyfish once the ocean surface water starts to "warm" up. Keep in mind the current sea surface temperature is in the mid- to upper-60s so the "warming" I talk about is all relative. The calm sea conditions made watching all sorts of marine life just ideal!
Turns out our first lion's mane jellyfish of the day was in the harbor before we even began boarding passengers!
This afternoon we were fortunate enough to check out 2 minke whales before our friends on the Atlantic Queen found Spoon the humpback whale.
Afternoon minke whale
Spoon was being very mellow just slowly swimming along giving us some fantastic looks at this adult female whale. What a great way to wrap up a beautiful day in the Gulf of Maine.
Spoon (above and below)

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