Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday, July 30

The strong winds finally subsided giving us the chance to head offshore this afternoon. The seas were calm, only a small leftover swell remained from the past 36 hours of weather, and the visibility was incredible. Many thanks to our awesome passengers who were equally as excited to search (and find!) whales. We saw a total of 5 fin whales during our travels today! Most of our whales were just circling about so while they kept surprising us where they would pop up around the boat they weren't moving far whenever they did decide to surface.
This red cloud (fecal matter) came from one of our fin whales. This bright red color is digested krill!
Fin whale spout
Another fin whale at the surface
Among the sightings today we even found a mother-calf pair! Who doesn't want to spend time with a 2,000+lbs calf of the second largest animal on Earth?!
Fin whale mother and calf pair
Massive body of mom in the foreground while the calf is barely visible just beyond
Before heading for home our eagle-eyed captain pointed out a sighting rarely seen while whale watching. Due to the incredible visibility and our location offshore you could see Mount Washington, approximately 80 miles from us!
Can you find Mount Washington in this image?
Here's a helpful hint if needed :)

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