Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday, July 14

After cancelling yesterday due to the crumby seas, we ventured out this afternoon after letting the seas calm down a bit. We were rewarded with glassy calm conditions and a variety of marine life.  We saw a nice pod of harbor porpoises close to shore (as their name implies) but these little guys are a bit shy so we kept going. We also passed a harbor seal pup before seeing a minke whale. This whale was a bit elusive at first but then was up a bunch close to the boat. We had a second harbor seal in this area too!  
minke whale
 We then spotted some splashing in the distance and went to investigate. A pod of 40ish Atlantic white sided dolphins were milling about. With the flat-calm conditions, we got to see a dozen of them cruise right next to the boat, just below the surface. It was like an aquarium view except that this was even better since these dolphins were completely wild and free!  We watched as mothers and calves  swam under the bow and as a few “porpoised” out of the water, showing off their beautiful stripes.

Continuing on, we found a fin whale that was cruising just below the surface, only leaving footprints behind to let us know where it was. It surfaced for one breath, right next to us, and then dove.   After 20 minutes of waiting, we decided to go home. Just as we put the engines in gear, the whale, known as #0354, surfaced close by. We scooted over to it and got amazing views of the 2nd largest animal on the planet.  Incredible!  
Fin whale blow

Fin whale #0354

To end the trip, we stopped on a small (10 foot) basking shark who was circling around collecting plankton.

Awesome day!

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