Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tuesday, July 18

Today we spent time out on the ocean watching minke whales. During our trips we are always looking for anything that may be spending time in the area and do all that we can do to show our passengers as much as possible during the time allowed. Remember that we search for wild animals. Wild. That means no trained animals, no guaranteed activities, just completely unpredictable creatures. Sprinkle on the fact that whales move (just like you and I do everyday) so every trip, every day, every hour, brings its own surprises. To experience a wild animal in its natural habitat is what we pride ourselves in doing and enjoy sharing those moments with all on board. Some might say minke whales are not impressive but imagine going for a walk and seeing a 20-25ft mammal on the side of the road that weighs 16,000+ pounds. Suddenly, now that sounds impressive. The only difference is we venture to the whale's watery world and instead we humans become the visitors. Today we got the chance to see multiple minke whales: 6 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.
Close surfacing after this minke whale swam right under the boat this morning! (Don't worry, our engines were shut off during the entire experience)
Another morning minke whale
Your eyes are not deceiving you. This is what a whale looks like when the fog engulfs you offshore and you whale watch in the fog!
While minke whales can be notorious in their sporadic movements, that was far from the case today. We saw different minke whales being curious in regards to the boat on both of our trips! This curiosity meant we got some incredible looks as these whales circled around, and under, the boat!
Minke whale surfacing nearby this morning
Afternoon minke whale swimming by us
This afternoon minke whale surfaced right behind us multiple times!
While we always hope we satisfy our customers it is the whales that provide the special views, moments and memories we hope you take with you no matter what kind of whale you may see on your nature excursion.

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