Friday, July 21, 2017

Friday, July 21

Is there anything better than a flat-calm sunny day on the ocean?? Yes- when you have a perfect weather day AND whales!!  This morning we passed by a couple of in-shore minke whales before watching a really tiny one (and by really tiny, I mean 15-18 feet long).  We continued on to find an area with 3-4 more minke whales, all of which were up and then down at the same time.  A bit further out, we saw our first of three fin whales. This one was Dingle- one of Blue OceanSociety’s adoptable whales!!    

 While we waited for Dingle to re-surface, we got an odd surprise- a group of 4 adult great blue herons flew by! These are coastal birds and we were about 14 miles from shore! We just never know what we’ll see out there! 

From there we found another well-known fin whale, #0354. And finally our 3rd fin whale, known as Crow- a whale first seen in the late 1980’s.

This afternoon we also saw minke and fin whales but the individuals were different!   

Minke whale
The fin whale we got the best looks at is unknown to me, yet cruised right alongside our boat. It was beautiful!  
Fin whale spout

Fin whale

"Fish finder" showing the fin whale beneath our boat!
  We also got a great look at a minke whale- our first of about 10 minkes seen throughout the day.  We spotted some other fin whales too but these seemed to be staying down for quite some time (12-20 minutes!). Further in our journey, we saw a very nice minke whale who we’ve seen in previous seasons. This whale has an oddly shaped nose/rostrum, making it quite unique and memorable!   
Minke whale
 A pair of fin whales was also spotted but these 2 were on the move so we weren’t able to ID them.  What will we see tomorrow?? I can’t wait to find out!

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