Friday, July 7, 2017

Friday, July 7

This morning, the fog was pretty thick with no chance of lifting early so we stayed in the harbor.  But by the afternoon, the clouds lifted and gave us great visibility, even though we encountered a few sprinkles. We started out with a quick glimpse of a harbor porpoise, and then found several minke whales. 

Minke whale
A basking shark showed itself briefly before we headed a bit further out. There we came upon a group of small boats fishing for bluefin tuna, and in the midst of the tuna boats, we saw several minke whales and a humpback whale.

This was no ordinary humpback, but one of our favories, Pinball. We watched as she came up, pleats extended, mouth filled with seawater and fish. While we waited for Pinball to resurface, several minke whale darted around, keeping us occupied. 

We even saw a couple of harbor seals, one of which was napping, and the other had a fish and trying to keep its catch away from the gulls. All sorts of entertainment out there!


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