Thursday, July 6, 2017

Thursday, July 6

This morning we certainly needed to pack our patience. We saw multiple minke whales and even a couple of fin whales but every time we stopped to watch these whales they couldn't have been more uncooperative! These wild animals blatantly reminded us we have no control of their movements and/or behaviors. After lots of searching and trying to watch one whale after another we FINALLY got some nice looks at a couple of minke whales.
A cooperative minke whale eventually surfaced nearby us this morning

Morning minke whale
This afternoon we headed back to where we were in the morning and guess what? The first thing we saw was a huge fin whale!
Fin whale at the surface
We got a fantastic look at this whale, a familiar one named Crow, before it disappeared.
Luckily, not far away were 3 minke whales darting around the area giving us the chance to watch these whales surface all around us.
One of the multiple minke whales this afternoon
Wildlife certainly has it's moments of impressiveness and slight frustrations but that's what makes each trip so unique. Each outing is an adventure of its own that only the whales know what our sightings may hold.

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