Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday, July 3

We have continued to spot whales during our trips recently but these whales are certainly moving around. Only days ago we were seeing fin whales close to home. During our past few trips it has been a rarity to even find one! These wild animals remind us we cannot predict their movements and instead find these creatures the "old-fashioned" way. Our eyesight is the primary tool we use to scan the horizon in all directions from the moment we leave the harbor until we return. Today we got the chance to see 5 minke whales during our travels to and from Jeffreys Ledge. On the ledge we found Satula and then Gondolier, who breached clear out of the water in the distance! That's one way to find a massive mammal!
Humpback whale tail
This afternoon we headed back out to Jeffreys Ledge. This time we also spotted 5 minke whales during our travels and after some extra effort came across multiple humpback whales.
Minke whale
Watching whales in calm seas is so stunning
In total, there were 5 humpback whales darting around. We spent most of our time with Satula and #0050 but also watched Jawa swim past us as we saw others in the distance.
Satula again!
The last time we saw #0050 was over a month ago. Welcome back to the area friend!

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