Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday, July 9

This morning we started whale watching very close to home. We found 4 fin whales moving about just miles from the shore. One of these whales was napping, another was traveling along and then we had a pair together.
Fin whale pair!
We were able to identify three of massive mammals as Pemetic, #0720 and #0417!
Pemetic the fin whale
Fin whale #0417
Further offshore we spent time with Pinball the humpback whale while seeing 4 minke whales sprinkled around during our trip.
Pinball this morning (above and below)

This afternoon our first whale of the trip was a fin whale and interesting enough it was yet another different whale from any we had sighted this morning! This time we watched #0354 on the move through the area.
Fin whale #0354
We wrapped up the day with Pinball the humpback whale and 5 minke whales on the outskirts of our locations. A beautiful day getting some awesome looks at all the whales!
Whale tail!

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