Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday, July 15

This morning we had glassy-calm conditions and saw a few harbor porpoises and an elusive fin whale before seeing something very unexpected: a pair of north Atlantic right whales skim feeding at the surface! This was awesome and inspiring as this is a critically endangered species (only about 500 left) and I felt very humbled to be able to spend a little time with them, if even from a distance. 
Two right whales skim feeding
The trip continued with several minke whale sightings including several views of "Scar" the adoptable minke whale. 
SCAR minke whale

We've been watching Scar since 1995 and are always thrilled to see him return year after year! 
another minke whale!
On our way home, we swung by the right whales again, mostly to ensure that boats zooming through the area wouldn't hit them.

This afternoon, we found at least 4 minke whales, 2 fin whales (including #0354), a pod of harbor porpoises and 2 right whales.
minke whale

Fin whale #0354
right whale flukes

We are still working on our photo analysis, but are pretty sure these were the same 2 that we saw on the morning trip, however they had moved quite some distance in just a few hours. Again, this is why our crew loves whale watching- we never know what we will find and where it will be!

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