Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Tuesday, July 4

Happy Independence day all! The ocean was as flat as flat can be today. What a beautiful day to be on the water. This morning we started our day checking out some bluefin tuna crashing at the surface chasing down some bait fish for a mid-morning snack!
A bluefin tuna leaping at the surface to capture some food
We also saw 5 minke whales, a quick look at a fin whale and a basking shark.
Minke whale
Basking shark fin
This afternoon we had some curious critters. One of the 4 minke whales seen today spent time doing donuts directly underneath the boat allowing our passengers to just stare straight down into the flat calm seas watching this whale below us!
This minke whale remained under our boat for some time this afternoon!
Minke whale in such calm seas
Minutes later we had a harbor seal swim by and look at all of us looking at it! Mammals watching mammals :)
Harbor seal watching us
Before heading for home we even came across a small pod of 4-5 Atlantic white-sided dolphins swimming nearby.
Another afternoon minke whale
Atlantic white-sided dolphin at the surface

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