Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wednesday, August 31

Today we were surrounded by 5 Fin whales and 2 Minke whales. We found ourselves in an area where all of these whales were circling around. The whales were spending a bit of time below the waterline but with so many remaining in the general area we could check out these massive marine mammals when they surfaced for some breaths of air.
Fin whale head and jawline
Fin whale dorsal fin
Our 2 Minke whales of the day moved past us as we slowly maneuvered around all the whale activity.
Bolshoi the Fin whale with the state of Maine in the background
This Fin whale was first spotted by Blue Ocean Society researchers in 2007!
To wrap up an already great day we even saw an Ocean sunfish just miles from the harbor as we headed in from our trip!

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