Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Tuesday, August 23

This morning we started the trip with a large Fin whale. This whale however had other plans in mind. This whale initially was spending A LOT of time below the waterline. Luckily our patience, which ended up be the word of the day, paid off. Eventually, this whale began to surface more frequently and we got some nice looks at this massive mammal.
Fin whale
We then went searching for more whale activity. We searched, and searched, and searched some more. We continued to persevere and it ended up working out in the end. After chatting with our friends from Newburyport Whale Watch they too were in hot pursuit for any whale activity in areas that had yet to be searched. Soon they had distant spouts so we headed that way. We were able to end our morning with 3 Minke whales, a passing Fin whale and 3 Humpback whales. The Minke whales were on the outskirts of the areas we were in as we moved in towards the other group of whales. Pinball and her calf were circling around while Hornbill was also moving around the same general area.
Pinball's calf
This afternoon we spent some time with Pinball and her calf again. Hornbill however, was nowhere to be found.
Pinball and her calf
After some nice looks at our pair of whales we knew it was time to go searching again. The only way to find the whales is to go looking for them which is what we do each and every day. This afternoon our search efforts paid off as we found Owl the Humpback whale to end the day.
Tomorrow we will be back out there searching once again for the magnificent mammals of the sea!

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