Saturday, August 13, 2016

Saturday, August 13

This morning the seas were a bit choppy after some northeast wind overnight. But our hearty group was rewarded by some great looks at lots of whales! Humpback whale, Owl, was seen yet again today!!  Although she was not lifting her flukes often, she did swim by closely, and even followed us out to where we found some fin whales and a minke whale.   The fin whales were taking short dives as well and coming up close by!   As we continued on to check out the blows around us, we kept finding Owl. She was on the move today!  Eventually, we made our way to another humpback whale- Pinball and her calf again today!! Seems that these whales are sticking around! The calf did not disappoint and was as active as ever, breaching, tail breaching, tail lobbing, etc. So much fun to watch an active youngster! 
Pinball and calf

Fin whale

Pinball's calf

Pinball's calf

minke whale

This afternoon, the seas were still a bit wiggly (yes, that’s the official term :) )  but we spent some time with 2 minke whales, 2 fin whales and 3 humpback whales!! The huge fin whales were on the move so we weren’t able to get close looks, but we did see the minkes close by, and most certainly the humpbacks! Hornbill was taking short dives and we saw his tail several times. Pinball and her calf stole the show (baby whales are just so cute!) as the pair just zigged and zagged at the surface, not seeming to even know that we were there! Such a beautiful sight!
minke whale

fin whale

humpback whale, Hornbill

Humpback whales Pinball and her calf

Humpback whale Pinball

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