Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tuesday, August 2

This morning we got a chance to see 6 Minke whales, 1 Fin whale and Owl the Humpback whale. Many of our whales would travel for a bit before eventually slowly down and circle around.
Morning Minke whale
Humpback whale tail

Fin whale
What a nice morning to enjoy watching wild whales in some beautiful conditions.
Calm seas and cloudy skies usually makes for spotting whale spouts stick out in the darker background!
This afternoon there were whales around but wow, did it take some patience to get some nice looks at even just a couple of these whales. We initially started with a few different Minke whales but could only manage to get a few quick glimpses before the whales would disappear from our vantage point. We then attempted to check out a Fin whale spout but we never seemed to catch up to it. All we kept seeing was a few breaths out in the distance after each time we would move into the area where we had last seen this whale. We decided it was time to abort this whale and try our luck with another spout we were seeing out in a different direction. After some sly surfacings we realized it was Dingle!
Dingle the Fin whale
We eventually started to move out of the area only to find a surprise of 2 Fin whales suddenly appear out of nowhere, moving through the water together, just off our port side!
Pair of Fin whales at the surface
Such beautiful synchronization as these whales glided through the ocean. We got some phenomenal looks at these massive mammals before checking out a few more Minke whales on our travels home.
Rainbow-blow from one of our Fin whales
Afternoon Minke whale
The whales certainly kept us on our toes today so we anticipate more of the unexpected tomorrow and each and every trip in the future!

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