Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thursday, August 25

We only had a morning trip today due to the building seas we felt thanks to the increasing winds Mother Nature provided us during the morning hours. As we ventured offshore we headed out to familiar spots where whales have been seen. Guess what our eagle-eyed captain found as we were searching? A pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins! A pod of 45-50 of these toothed-whales were traveling through the area.
Dolphins charging through the wavy ocean
Atlantic white-sided dolphin face
These whales were swimming right into the wind and the waves. Watching these incredibly maneuverable mammals move through the water is always impressive to see as these whales swam on either side of the boat.
Atlantic white-sided dolphin
Eventually we pressed on to do some more searching. A Minke whale was seen, but unfortunately not by most, for a brief moment in time. We continued to search and ended up near Boon Island. We checked out the colonies of grey and harbor seals before heading for home.
Boon Island lighthouse
Grey seal colony
Close-up of a handful of grey seals

Harbor seals on the rocks and in the water

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