Saturday, August 6, 2016

Saturday, August 6

We stayed at the dock this morning to wait out the rough seas that built up last night. But by afternoon, the ocean had settled right down and we had a most enjoyable trip! Escaping the heat and humidity on land, we cruised out in search of whales and were happily surprised to find a big pod of toothed whales (Atlantic white sided dolphins)! We hung out with this pod that was steadily moving to the SW and got some amazing views as big males, mothers and calves, and some juveniles swam right along side the boat! Dolphins have been a rare treat this summer so we were extra thrilled to see them.
The Atlantic white sided dolphin, exhibiting how it got its name.

Mom with her yearling!

Continuing on, we found 2 different minke whales in the same area. They were moving around quite a bit so it wasn't until we checked out our photos that we knew for sure that we had 2 different ones.
Minke behind tuna fishing boat
Minke whale exhibiting its unique markings!!!
Then we got a report of a blow further to the SW. This tuned out to be the adoptable fin whale, Dingle! Dingle was alternating long dives with short dives and we were treated to an amazing look at the second largest animal on the planet!
Fin whale blow

Dingle, the fin whale!
Moving on, we found some more dolphins before seeing a humpback whale. This was another adoptable whale named Owl!  Owl seemed a little busy this afternoon, but at one point, while we were sitting idle awaiting her next surfacing, she came up right behind the boat!!! So very close, and so very amazing!  Everyone cheered as she lifted her flukes into the air before diving.
Owl diving in front of a trawler
Owl diving

Owl's unique flukes!
Such a fun trip with so much variety!

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  1. Today was my first whale watch! It was wonderful. Had no idea we could/would see so many dolphins! And to be able to see the humpback tail was AMAZING! Thank you, Dianna! Great job narrating, too!