Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Kudos to the passengers who braved the rain and came out with us this morning.  We may have gotten wet, but boy did we get a show!!!  We saw a total of 4 humpback whales this morning starting with Hornbill who was busy feeding.  After some impressive looks at a fin whale and some minkes, we found Pinball and her calf in the area!  While Pinball was diving deep to feed, her calf was rolling and splashing around at the surface.  And the next thing we knew, Owl passed right through the area where Pinball and calf were hanging out.  (All three of the adult humpback whales we saw today are available to be adopted through Blue Ocean Society.)

  Unfortunately the weather kept us on shore this afternoon, but we are looking forward to our next trip out to see what the whales will be up to then.

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