Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thursday, August 18

This morning we were privy to a superfecta of whale species! We saw all four of the most commonly sighted species of whales all on one single trip. Our trip totals included 9 Minke whales, 6 Humpback whales, 2 Fin whales and a pod of 50 Atlantic white-sided dolphins. The trip started when we came into an area where we had 3 Minke whales moving all around.
Minke whale
We then made our way over to Owl the Humpback whale very much inshore from where this whale has recently been seen.
Soon we were headed offshore to see what other life might be around this morning. We ended up seeing more Minke whales and 5 Humpback whales moving through the tuna fleet. We checked out a few of these whales, all dependent on where they were and how best to maneuver the boat around the flurry of fishing activity in the area. Known whales included Pinball and her calf and Hornbill.
Pinball and her calf
With more time to explore we pressed on, and passed a Fin whale, since we were spotting more activity ahead of us. A group of Atlantic white-sided dolphins were traveling through the area. This pod of about 50 whales were steadily on the move. What a fantastic surprise!
Atlantic white-sided dolphins (above and below)
On on travels home we even got a chance to check out a Fin whale that was on the move.
Fin whale
This afternoon we started the trip with a cooperative Minke whale slowly moving around.
Minke whale
In total, we had 5 Minke whales pop up during the trip. We also had 5 Humpback whales. Familiar whales of Hornbill and Pinball and her calf were seen once again.
Pinball and her calf
We also had a pair of adult Humpback whales creating bubble clouds and moving around together. Newcomer Geometry was seen swimming alongside Shuffleboard.
In the past three days we have seen three new Humpback whales move into the area where some of the familiar ones remain. Always enjoyable to see who is deciding to spend time in our small section of the Gulf of Maine.
Whale tail

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