Thursday, September 1, 2016

Thursday, September 1

Happy September! As the season continues to fly by we continue to enjoy all the marine life residing (at least for the moment) in the Jeffreys Ledge region. Today we had perfect, and I mean PERFECT, conditions for spotting marine life. The ocean was as calm as calm could be so any ripple in the water was usually some sort of marine creature close by. In total, we saw 1 Ocean sunfish, 5 harbor seals, 1 grey seal, 6 Minke whales, 5 Fin whales and a dispersed pod of 200 Atlantic white-sided dolphins! Our first stop of the day was on an Ocean sunfish just past the Isles of Shoals.
The fin of an Ocean sunfish with Appledore Island in the background
While the cloudy skies made it a little tricky to see down into the water as this large fish meandered around, it was a great find to start our day. With our next stop we found ourselves surrounded by more and more life the longer we remained. Seals were popping up around us, Minke whales were surfacing here and there, massive Fin whales were moving sleekly through the water and on top of all of that was a HUGE group of dolphins! We checked out everything at one point or another.
Grey seal
Minke whale
Atlantic white-sided dolphins swimming in such a calm ocean today
Atlantic white-sided dolphin
Just a sliver of a Fin whale's body at the surface
While the dolphins were generally on the move there were lots of sub-pods scattered around, and during a few times we were fortunate to see the white-sided dolphins and Fin whales swimming together.
Massive Fin whale and a couple 'tiny' dorsal fins of dolphins (on the left)
It was a beautiful day, full of fantastic life, and a great way to start September!
Fin whale

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