Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wednesday, June 8

We had another school trip today and so off we went to the open ocean this morning. Our first stop of the day was Humpback whale #0050. We all got some great looks at this whale since the majority of the time this whale just circled around, remaining relatively close to the boat the whole time!
Humpback whale #0050 (above and below)

We ventured further offshore, passing by 2 Minke whales, and ended up coming across 3 Fin whales. These whales were spending a bit more time below the surface and moving around in sporadic movements making watching these whales a bit more challenging. It was still impressive however, having multiple of the second largest mammals on earth around us!
Fin whale
Many thanks to our group for always keeping a look out for whales and spending a nice day with massive wildlife!

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