Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thursday, June 30

After three days of remaining on land due to plenty of wind coming and going across the area we finally made our way offshore today. On both of our trips today we saw multiple Minke whales and a Fin whale. This morning we started whale watching with multiple Minke whales. One of these whales was circling around while the other was charging through the swells creating plenty of whitewater!
First whale of the day, a Minke whale
Minke whale creating quite the disturbance as it swims through the water
We also got a chance to spend time with Fin whale #0331 a whale first sighted by Blue Ocean Society researchers in 2003 and a whale first documented in the Gulf of Maine in 1982!
Fin whale #0331
Our morning wrapped up with 4 other Minke whales and even a Basking shark.
Subsurface Basking shark near the boat
This afternoon we decided to do some exploring in other areas. We once again got a chance to check out Minke whales, 4 in total, during our trip.
Afternoon Minke whale
We were also privy to a very well-behaved Fin whale. While this whale was consistently traveling, it was only remaining below the surface for five minutes at a time and swimming close to the boat. Awesome looks at one of the second-largest mammals on Earth!
Fin whale spout
Fin whale body

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