Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday, June 24

This morning, we headed out to Jeffreys Ledge but got sidetracked by a couple of whales well inside of the Ledge. A minke and a fin whale were seen but a bit on the busy side for our likings. We continued on to the Ledge. Soon we found 2 pairs of humpback whales. One of the whales, Flounder,  breached several times! He was with a whale named Ampersand who was much more calm.  The other pair included Minuit and a yet-to-be identified whale.  Another minke and fin whale were seen in this same area!  Continuing on, we came upon another humpback whale tail-lob feeding. Got some great views of her slapping her tail on the surface before blowing a ring of bubbles around a school of fish!  Heading home, we passed by another pair of humpbacks!

This afternoon, we passed by a fin whale and a minke whale, something we very rarely do.  We wanted to save some time to get out to where we had seen whales on the morning trip. After a  bit of a ride, we found a trio of humpbacks. This was a mother and her calf, escorted by another adult. The escort tail breached repeatedly while the mom and calf swam causally along. 

Looking out to the east a bit further, we could see multiple blows so we ventured on. Our gamble paid off! Before we knew it, we were surrounded by over 20 active humpback whales! We witnessed all sorts of feeding behaviors as these whales foraged in pairs, groups and singly.  So many whales, so little time! Before we knew it, we had to head back to port, although most of us would have much preferred to stay with the whales a while longer.  Days like today are a reminder as to why we all love whales so much. We just never know what to expect from day to day, or even trip to trip!


  1. Was a great day on the water! Thank You to the crew for making this day so memorable for us, and the whales for putting on the show of a lifetime.

  2. Can you post the pics from the Friday morning tour? Thank you.