Saturday, June 25, 2016

Saturday, June 25

This morning, with glassy calm seas, we headed out to where we left the whales yesterday afternoon, hoping that they’d still be in the area. Whales do move around quite a bit so we can never be sure where they will go overnight. Well, we were lucky once again and found 8 humpback whales in the immediate area, and several more a bit further out. We watched as a pair of whales slowly swam along the boat at the surface, not bothering to dive.  Then we watched a humpback named Buzzard for a bit before continuing on to look for any other whales in the area.

We found another pair, identified as Raccoon and Fleck, and then we passed by Pasta on our way in. Pasta was a first for me!  We also passed by a big fin whale and spotted several minke whales throughout the trip.



This afternoon, the wind picked up a bit, but the further offshore we got, the less it blew! We ended up back in the same area as the morning trip, but saw all different humpback whales! It’s a bit of a ride to get out there, but it is worth the trek! Whales were in all directions, and they were active! We could see breaching and flipper slapping in the distance, but that’s not it!  One of our whales breached three times close to the boat! 

We found a mother whale with her new calf who was apparently nursing, several other pairs of whales and even a trio of whales! 
Mother and calf
 One of these whales, Plateau, did a quick tail breach, too! So many whales!  

 However, I think the best sighting of the day was a whale that we saw on our ride home. From a distance, we could see it breaching. The closer we got, the more breaches it did. Then it stopped to tail-lob over and over. But this wasn’t just any humpback whale. This was Satula, one of Blue Ocean Society’s adoptable whales!! We never saw Satula last year so it was a happy relief to have him back in the neighborhood, and being so active!  

The only bad part was that we were out of time and couldn’t stop and spend much time with him. Hopefully we’ll see Satula again soon!

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