Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thursday, June 16

It was another gorgeous day on the water. We were able to get some great looks at some of the multiple whales and multiple sharks seen throughout our trip today. In total, we saw 2 Basking sharks, 5 Minke whales and 3 Fin whales. Our first Basking shark disappeared into the depths of the ocean fairly quickly but we luckily found another one offshore which gave us a great opportunity to see one of the second largest sharks on earth!
Basking shark dorsal fin (left) and tail fin (right)
Minke whales continued to appear here and there all during the trip but we did stop and check out the first one of the day inshore of Jeffreys Ledge.
First whale of the day, a Minke whale
Our final species of the day was the Fin whale, spending time with 2 of the 3 sighted. These whales had enough distinguishing characteristics in the field that we could identify them as #9724 and #9709; both whales first sighted in the Jeffreys Ledge area in 1997!
Fin whale #9724
Second Fin whale of the day, #9709

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