Saturday, June 4, 2016

Saturday, June 4

Fog, fog and more fog today. Soon after leaving the harbor we were welcomed by a wall of fog that did everything possible to NOT dissipate for us. Fog can appear and disappear in a matter of moments so it is always an unknown as to where, when and how long we will find ourselves enveloped in it. While searching for whales was a bit challenging our persistent passengers never backed down and helped in spotting some of our whales for the day. In total we had 3 Minke whales and a Humpback whale. Our first Minke whale disappeared just as quickly as it had appeared so we decided to continue on towards Jeffreys Ledge. Our second Minke whale was much more cooperative. While watching this whale it was within the foggy horizon that another whale suddenly became barely visible. Our Minke whale had brought us to a Humpback whale!
Humpback whale surrounded by fog
The Humpback whale was darting this way and that way giving everyone some fantastic looks as it surfaced all around the boat. The black and white pigmentation pattern on the underside of this whale's tail matched up with Boomerang, a 31 year old female. Great to see her in the area today!
On our travels home we stopped to get a quick look at another Minke whale. Many thanks to all as you never gave up in the searching process and eventually were rewarded in those efforts!
Minke whale appearing in the fog

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