Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wednesday, June 22

So much activity today! Whales were plentiful and birds were everywhere; Jeffreys Ledge was alive with life! We saw so many actively feeding Humpback whales on both trips today so minus the showers, downpours and quick instances of hail in between our trips today(!), it was ultimately a pretty spectacular day. 
Open-mouth feeding of a group of Humpback whales
All those small dots you see are petrels taking advantage of the food around!
Thanks to our hard-working Blue Ocean Society intern Lauren who recorded ALL marine life today our morning count included 3 Harbor seals, 3 Basking sharks, 5 Minke whales, 30 Humpback whales, 1 Fin whale and 1 Sei whale.
Morning Minke whale

These 3 Humpback whales were resting when we found them
Plenty of bird life today!
This afternoon included 27 Humpback whales, a distant look at a Fin whale and 2 Minke whales.
Pair of Humpback whales filtering out salt water after making a bubble net
Close pass by a Humpback whale
One of the MANY bubble nets seen created by the Humpback whales in the area all day today
Among all the whales moving around during both of our trips today we have identified many of our Humpback whales (with still plenty more to look at!): Thread, Parens, Jenga, Ghost, Hockey, Palette and her calf, Mudskipper and her calf, Canopy, Scrimshaw, Literal, Centipede, Egret, Cygnus, Treasure, Terrace, Face-off, Agent, Gannet and Longboard.
Who knows what we may come across in the future but I hope you enjoy a few of the photos taken during the day today!
Tail breach
Multiple Humpback whales on the move together

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