Sunday, June 19, 2016

Sunday, June 19

Happy Father's Day to all of you special folks out there! This morning we headed out to where we had luck with whales yesterday. After some searching we spotted a spout out on the horizon. Turns out we had 2 whales associated with each other! Two large Fin whale were traveling along together.
Fin whale spout
Fin whale pair at the surface
One of the whales was our familiar fin of Dingle! These whales were steadily moving through the area until they eventually stopped and circled around.

Second Fin whale seen swimming alongside Dingle
At one point we watched these whales move down the length of the boat, getting some phenomenal looks! This afternoon we attempted to press offshore to where we had luck this morning. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans. The winds continued to stay strong and the ocean began to show the effects. We ended up up heading home early. Now we will wait for the ocean to subside and hopefully get back out soon to look for marine life!

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