Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday, June 13

Today our travels took us to Jeffreys Ledge itself before we found our first whale which was a Minke whale that started swimming in circles around us.
Minke whale
After some nice looks at this Minke whale we went to investigate a distant spout we had been keeping an eye on. What eventually surfaced nearby? A Humpback whale. And not just any Humpback whale. One that is a favorite among us at Granite State Whale Watch. It was Owl, an adoptable whale, thanks to the Blue Ocean Society for Marine Conservation!
Owl's back including her distinctive scar; an old ship strike wound that she was fortunate enough to survive through.
This was our first time seeing this familiar whale this season so it was a very special treat to come across her today.
We had some quality looks as this whale was slowly steadily on the move. Soon it was time to head for home but during our travels we even swung by a Basking shark that was moseying along. We are now whale watching seven days a week so come join us on an adventure anytime. See you soon!

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