Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tuesday, June 14

As we made our way offshore today the wind slacked off and we found ourselves surrounded by a beautifully calm ocean. During our trip we saw 3 Fin whales but these whales were doing a great job moving around so we decided to move on. Along the way we had 2 Minke whales pop up over the course of the day. Our trip also included two Humpback whales creating a few bubble clouds.
Humpback whale tail
Both Owl and Hornbill spent the afternoon maneuvering around but never becoming associated with one another.
Our last sighting of the day occurred on our ride back in when we came across a MASSIVE Basking shark! With the surface of the ocean being so calm you could see the whole body of this shark as it swam so close to the boat! What a special treat to end an already great day.
Our Basking shark was so close to the boat I could only capture a portion of its body at any moment! Can you see the open mouth of this shark?
Head, open mouth, gills and fins of our Basking shark

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