Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Wednesday, August 5

Today was phenomenal in every way possible. Great weather, multiple species of whales and some great looks at those whales which is what we always wish for each day. This morning we had a grand slam of species; all four of the most commonly seen whales all in one trip! We had 2 Humpback whales, a trio of Fin whales on the move together, a group of 12-15 Atlantic white-sided dolphins initially associated with our trio of Fin whales, 6 Minke whales and even two Ocean sunfish. Our trip started this morning with a Humpback whale that does not have a name but instead a number pattern that is associated with it. All in all, there was so much wildlife to view!
Humpback whale #0050

Humpback whale tail
Atlantic white-sided dolphins
Two of the three Fin whales moving through the water together
Fin whales side-by-side
Morning Minke whale
Ocean sunfish
This afternoon we were still seeing different whales as we started with one of the 4 Minke whales seen throughout our travels, 5 Fin whales including a pair and the same trio we spent time with this morning (in a completely different location. Remember whales have tails and can definitely use them as they continuously move around!), and finally 2 Humpback whales.
Afternoon Minke whale

This whale was one of our pair of whales this afternoon and it was such a great find, Dingle again!
Large Fin whale body
Fin whale chevron
Quill the Humpback whale
So much to look at and enjoy today. Who knows what we may see, or not see tomorrow but, it most certainly was a nice day to be surrounded by some incredible marine life.

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