Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday, August 13

Sightings today were plentiful with both whales and even a few fish! This morning we saw 4 Ocean sunfish (2 of which breached at one point!) as we maneuvered around offshore today.
First Ocean sunfish of the day
To add to the mix we also saw 4 Blue sharks. A special treat made possible due to the calm ocean conditions allowing for spotting all sorts of marine life stand out that much more.
The dorsal fin (right) and tail (left) of a blue shark at the surface
On top of these fish sightings we also saw a Minke whale and 3 Humpback whales this morning.
Minke whale
Our three Humpback whales were our familiar mammals moving around. We started with Highlighter and #0050 before finding Quill. We watched multiple bubble clouds form as these whales circled around the area.
Quill at the surface

Incoming Humpback whale
This afternoon we first started with a few Minke whales before making our way over to a couple of Humpback whales.
One of our afternoon Minke whales
We once again found #0050 and Highlighter in the same general vicinity of each other. These two whales were skirting around in each and every direction possible while more bubble clouds were being created. Also in the area were a couple more Minke whales that popped up to the surface around the boat.
With some fantastic looks at these whales we headed away from the area to search for more whale activity. Minutes later we came across a third Humpback whale. It was Quill. And guess where this whale was headed? Right back to where we had left the other two! By the end of the trip we were right back in the mix of all three whales darting around the area.
Humpback whales moving away from one another
A great day on the water and some great moments to share with all who joined us.

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