Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday, August 29

  We had two very fun trips today with multiple species of marine life seen on each!  This morning we passed by a small group of harbor porpoises and a harbor seal before finding a small pod of Atlantic white sided dolphins. These usually-friendly dolphins were quite busy though, and making it difficult for us to watch them so we continued on to find a humpback whale, several minke whales, a second humpback whale, and a fin whale. Then on our trip home, we found a big pod of dolphins that were hanging out with 2 more fin whales!! Amazing!
Humpback Highlighter
Humpback #0050
Fin whale with entanglement scars

Atlantic white sided dolphin
Fin whale "Bolshoi"

This afternoon our first sighting was of another pod of Atlantic white sided dolphins with a big gray seal nearby.  Then before we knew it, we were among 3 species of baleen whales- minkes, humpbacks and a fin whale!  The variety of life has been quite impressive lately. We even passed by a small pod of harbor porpoises on the way home. 
Atlantic white sided dolphins

Fin whale

Humpback whale Highlighter
Humpback blowholes

Humpback whale Mogul

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