Sunday, August 2, 2015

Sunday, August 2

This morning the ocean conditions were favorable to do some searching offshore. We started with 10-12 Atlantic white-sided dolphins and an Ocean sunfish before heading a few more miles to the east as we could see whale spouts out in the distance.
A couple of dolphins cruising through the water

Ocean sunfish
Along with the 5 Minke whales we saw throughout our travels we had at least 8 Humpbacks moving all around. Some of these whales were spending quite a bit of time below the waterline. Some were even grouping up and separating each time they surfaced. We were able to check out a few of these whales including Draco, Raccoon, Samara, Bayou and Pinball.
Pinball was consistently spending more time at the surface so we slowly made our way towards her. A couple times, as she circled around the area, she even created a few bubble clouds.
Pinball swimming towards us

Pinball and her "big-wings"
This afternoon, as the wind churned up the open ocean, we started with 3 Minke whales. A couple of these whales were moseying through the area giving us a great opportunity to check them out.
Minke whale
Soon we were seeing multiple spouts on either side of the boat. We started with a single Fin whale before spending time with a pair of Fin whales. Our pair was a mother and her calf, a duo we have come across a handful of times this season. We are always fans of whales spending time in our small section of the Atlantic Ocean watching some incredible wildlife.
Fin whale spout
Fin whale mom

Fin whale mom (right) and calf (left) pair

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