Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Wednesday, July 9

We saw three species of whales today. Our first sighting was a familiar Fin whale still spending time so close to home.
This Fin whale is just off the coast of NH!
We got some great looks at this whale especially once it slowed down and circled around the area for a bit.
Fin whale #1008 swimming just passed our boat
You can see the white lower jaw as this Fin whale exhales at the surface
After some great quality time spent with this animal we ventured further offshore. Our next sighting was a Minke whale moving about. This whale was spending a bit less time at the surface and darting around, just as many Minke whales are known to do. Little did we know we had one more type of whale to check out before it was time to go home. Thanks to Captain Bradley Cook we headed over to an area where there was a bit of activity. A small pod of Atlantic white-sided dolphins were making their way through the area.
Atlantic white-sided dolphin
While these whales were steadily traveling through the area they apparently enjoyed swimming almost directly under our pulpit as this group of 7-10 whales zigged and zagged from one side of the boat to the other as we all idled along. What a great end to our trip especially knowing this is only the third time all season we have gotten a chance to see Atlantic white-sided dolphins on one of our trips!
Such a great group of toothed-whales to spend time with this afternoon!

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