Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday, July 13

While the ocean was feeling the effects of the wind that arrived a bit earlier than expected we ventured out to see what we might come across this morning. Our first sighting of the day was so close to home. It was a large Fin whale moving around the area. We got some great looks at this whale and soon realized it was a familiar animal. Dingle the Fin whale was once again spending some time in our area.
Dingle the Fin whale with the mainland in the background
Not quite sure where this whale has ventured off to over the past few days but often times these whales can dart around so quickly that they are constantly coming in and/or out of the area at any moment in time. Whether this whale has been a bit inconspicuous over the past few days remaining in the area or indeed left and has returned again it was great spending some time with this very large mammal.
Dingle's dorsal fin
We then pressed further offshore towards Jeffreys Ledge as a few reports of whale activity were coming in from a few fishing boats already on the Ledge. It took a bit of time to find some blubber once we got there as our first spout we saw was being a bit uncooperative: breathing only for a breath or two and disappearing below the waterline for long periods of time. Eventually we made our way over to a whale one of the other boats was spending time with (thanks!). This Humpback whale kept changing its direction but we were able to get some very nice looks at it especially when this whale swam alongside us for a bit.
Humpback whale moving through the wind and waves
Humpback whale going on a dive

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