Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Wednesday, July 2

Happy July everyone! We headed out to Jeffreys Ledge this morning and soon came across our first whale. A Minke whale was moving around inshore of the Ledge. It is always a nice way to start our trips with a whale sighting before we even get to Jeffreys Ledge.
Minke whale
We got some nice looks at this whale as it moved around the area before we pressed on further offshore. Our next whale was an animal almost 3 times the size of a Minke whale; a large Fin whale! This whale alternated taking 6 or 10 minutes dives but never moved far in any direction. It didn't take long to determine exactly which Fin whale we were watching. This whale has such a distinctively shaped fin that with a quick look we knew it was #0622! This whale was first identified during the 2006 season out on the Ledge.
Fin whale #0622
Definitely a great whale to come across. As we spent time with this whale we spotted a spout not terribly far away from us. Another whale was cruising around. As we made our way closer to this other animal we soon knew we had found yet another species of whale for the day. A Humpback whale was also circling around the area. It was Boomerang, an adult female who last had a calf in 2012.
Definitely a nice whale to wrap up our time with during our trip today.
Welcome back for another season on Jeffreys Ledge Boomerang!
Little did we know on our way in we would also come across another Fin whale and Minke whale during our travels home. Plenty of whale activity on and off the Ledge today!

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