Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday, July 6

Our morning trip started off with a nice look at a Minke whale just after passing the Isles of Shoals.
Minke whale on the move
Soon we decided to head further offshore to where we had seen whales during out last trips but unfortunately nothing was there. So we continued searching as much as Jeffreys Ledge as time would allow further offshore. Alas, our efforts paid off as we saw a spout in the distance. As we got closer we quickly realized it was a Humpback whale. Our sighting got even better once we soon saw exactly who it was. Hornbill the Humpback whale is back!
Welcome back to area for another season Hornbill!
This whale was first seen in the Gulf of Maine in 1977 making Hornbill at least 37 years old and a whale we see almost every year! What a great sighting to come across.
The "big wings" of Hornbill
Hornbill spent most of its time circling around the area creating bubble clouds and for good reason as we kept passing over large patches of food on our fish finder.
Our fish finder picking up lots of food ranging from just below the surface of the ocean down to about 200ft of the 231ft we were currently floating over
This afternoon we got reports of whales very much inshore of Jeffreys Ledge. Not only was there just one whale in the area but we ended up seeing 4 Fin whales and a Minke whale circling around.
A few waves are no match for this Fin whale
Where these whales had been hours earlier during our morning travels will forever be a mystery but it was certainly nice to see so much activity before even getting to the Ledge. Along with seeing these animals it was great to see some familiar fins moving around. Fin whale #1008 and #9709 were once again spotted in our neck of the ocean.
Fin whale #1008 is still spending time in the area
Fin whale #9709
Along with these whales circling around the area (and leaving quite the number of defecation clouds...thanks #1008!) we had another new visitor for the season.
Can you find the multiple "brown clouds" left behind this whale? (Hint the whale is visible in the upper left-hand corner of this photo and the clouds are left behind as the whale moves through the water)
Dingle the Fin whale has returned for another year. What a great way to wrap up another day of whale watching.
A distant look is still enough to know we have a new visitor to the area this year. Welcome back Dingle!

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